Nutrient Management Plans2

Nutrient Management Plans

Several States require the use of the MEDLI model to model both the hydrology of the feedlot and its nutrient balance.  The model is known to have errors in it. The model has not been calibrated and verified. The model is known to deliver predictions of nutrient dynamics in soils that are very divergent from the outcomes measured in the field (Lowry, 2016).

The model is highly complex. It uses many algorithms that have been "strung together". Unfortunately while the approach is esoterically a challenge it also brings with it a fundamental flaw.  Each algorithm has an error in it. When multiple errors are added - "error accumulation" occurs.

EnviroAg Australia has licensed copies of both MEDLI V1.3 and V2. This software is expensive to buy (> $4000). You will also need to hire a specialist consultant to operate the software. This too comes at a significant cost. There is a cheaper way to access this software.

EnviroAg Australia offers a bureau service for the use of MEDLI where a regulator may demand the same. We discourage its use but understand that some States require its use.

EnviroAg Australia prefers and offers alternate approaches to the determination of nutrient budgets and management plans for feedlot waste management issues.  Please contact us on 1800 445 389.